Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Advent Veiling Project


So I've had a blog account for over 2 years now and finally here it is - my first blog entry.  What took so long? Writer's block, time constraints, know how that goes. So what changed?

Three wonderful blogging ladies united to promote veiling during Advent. 

The Spanish Medallion

Say what? Veiling? Yes, veiling.

Perhaps that's where I should start. Some of you may remember a time when Catholic women wore veils to Mass and other Christian women wore hats or some other type of head covering to church. Do you have fond memories of grandma in her veil at church? I do. Memories of little old ladies at the front of the church in their black veils? Yeah, me too!

There's something about a woman wearing a veil that's just...intriguing, you know? As a little girl I always wanted to see their faces. Who were these women with the veils?

Slowly the custom started to fade and pretty soon there weren't very many little old ladies in their veils left.  Fast forward a couple of decades and guess what? Veiling is making a comeback!

The French Fleur de Lis

It's a little different this time, because the Church doesn't require women to veil any more. Up until the late 1960's veiling was not only normal but expected. After Vatican II that changed. There's some discussion as to whether Vatican II intended to change our veiling custom, but the reality is that in general, women just plain quit wearing veils to Mass. So this time around we women are veiling BY CHOICE, no because we are required to.

You can imagine my surprise when about 4 years ago I found myself thinking about veiling. It was strange at first, having those thoughts. But as I became more comfortable with the idea I started looking for a veil. Just so I could see one up close, touch it, examine it. Maybe even put it on. Inside the store, not buy it or anything.  Just look at it.

Guess what? I couldn't find a single store that carried veils. So I went online, but the options available were either too frou-frou for me, or required me to drop $96 dollars for ONE veil.  WHAAAAT?

The Spanish Luciana

So I tried to make myself forget about veiling.  Nobody did that anymore anyway. I would look silly with a doily on my head. What will people think? I don't want to be stared at when I walk into Mass, or when I go up for communion.  But the thought kept coming back, time after time.

Then I thought that if I learned more about WHY women veiled, I would be happy in the knowledge of why and forget about this nonsense. Be happy that I knew why and leave it at that.

HA! Little did I know that finding out the WHY would strengthen my resolve to veil. So why do I veil at Mass?  Here are 4 reasons:

1. Reverence to Christ.  If I were to have the opportunity to visit the Pope I'd cover my head, right? It's required. Well, this is Christ we're talking about  - the Body and Blood, the Holy Eucharist. Look at him, on that cross. If HE did that for me, what's stopping me from showing reverence by covering my head? 

2. Scripture.  As in 1 Cor 11:3-16, especially verse 5: "But any woman who prays or prophesies with her head unveiled brings shame upon her head, for it is one and the same thing as if she had her head shaved."

This one took me a little bit by surprise. The Bible says women should cover their heads? Yes, it does! 

The Spanish Bouquet

3. Submission to my husband.  Now this one took even more to sink in.  Here I was, the woman who specifically avoided the "wife submit to your husband" passage at our wedding. Yes, I did. What can I say? I didn't want anyone getting any ideas.

But once I understood what submission meant, I didn't want to bring shame upon my head - my husband, for he is the head of our family. Not because I decided to let him be the head, or because he asked to be. No. Because God says that the husband is the head, so end of story. This one spurred more questions than I can list here - so I'll have to cover that in another post!

4. I like it! Let me explain - wearing a veil is, for me, a way to focus on the Mass better. When we leave the house we get dressed - by that I mean we change out of our pajamas or "house" clothes. We change our appearance because let's face it - most of us wouldn't run errands or go to work or school in our pajamas. The veil is the same - I "dress" in my veil and it marks the time I spend with the Lord, whether at Mass or Adoration.

Authentic Spanish and French Mantillas

In fact, I like it so much I started a veil company - Silver Hill Treasures. Women need options and that is one of my goals. Whether in styles, colors, materials, price - OPTIONS. Feel free to check out my website!

The Spanish Angelina

What about you? Do you veil? Have you been thinking about it?  It's OK, many other  women are thinking about it - you're not alone! 

With that in mind, stay tuned - remember the three bloggers who are promoting veiling? Well, it's called "The Advent Veiling Project". The idea is to share your veiling thoughts, read about other women's veiling experience/thoughts/journeys.  And did I mention you can enter to win 5 veils?  Oh yes you can! Read more about it at Life of a Catholic Librarian, Em's Estuary and Filling My Prayer Closet here and here.

Pax Deum.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I hope to have the time and inspiration to keep it going.

  2. Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Jalayne! I hope it inspires women to start veiling.

  3. Your veils are my absolute favorite! I was blessed with countless blessings on my pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Madrid 2011! I hoped to buy a Spanish Mantilla while in Spain but they are harder to find than I imagined. For the days of Catachesis from what I could see I was the lone veiler in that Church (I was really looking forward to meeting someone else that is young & veils and share our journey). I tell people that veiling (or head covering) was the Holy Spirit's Confirmation gift to me. About half a your after I was Confirmed He asked this of me. So I dove into the search for the 'why' (I love how everything Catholic has a reason) and for Jesus in the Eucharist yes I was all in! I actually started with hats (what would people think? ease into it... & trying to figure out how veils stay on ones head). Pentecost of 2011 I wore a traditional chapel veil for the first time (come Holy Spirit!) Some have asked why I wear the veil (I love to share for I would have long before had I known). Since then I have received many complements from men young & old (which surprised & humbled me). To other women out there it is a way of saying "I love You more!" to Jesus. Your sis in Christ ~Elise

    1. Thanks Elise! It's wonderful to hear that you like the veils, and your words are very encouraging. I agree - I would have shared the "why" much sooner had I known, too! God Bless You!

  4. What a wonderful way the Lord has led you to start this business. It's all the work of the Holy Spirit. So glad you are joining all of us. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Theresa! It really is the work of the Holy Spirit (and I do also think Mother Mary had a hand in it). Had someone told me five years ago I would be doing this, I wouldn't have believed them.

  5. I started to wear head covering in the church and during prayer and I hope this tradition will be back to the churches again. Saving for my first mantilla which is quite expensive. Now I wear just a crochet triangle scarf or infinity scarf.

    1. Erim, did you enter the giveaways? Also, sign up for my email list, right now I'm doing a $25 gift certificate giveaway:

  6. I am so thrilled to have stumbled upon your blog!!! I have had this desire in my heart for so very long! No one in my city carries veils/mantillas, and I have only ever seen the elderly Spanish ladies in my parish do so. I think it is truly beautiful, I am veiled like a bride for Christ. I am HIS!!! :)) I am however extremely nervous, how will my choosing to be veiled be taken? I also blog mainly about food, but I think I will start about this journey. Thank you again for your blog and especially for your gorgeous store!!! May you be blessed in our holy Father's mercy!!

    1. Hi Jessica, I'm glad you stumbled upon it too! It's hard to take that first step, but if He calls you to it, He'll lead you through it. God Bless you too!

  7. Reason #3 made me laugh. That was me at my wedding! Ephesians 5 used to make me cringe. I've learned so much since about what submitting to my husband means since then :-)

    1. Glad you laughed too! Amazing that we aren't taught the meaning of this passage. It would avoid so many misunderstandings! Thanks for reading the blog.